Sauces & Relishes


Sauces not only go well with grilled meat, fish and vegetables, but are also excellent for dipping, seasoning and marinating. Our diverse variety of sauces offers the right thing for every taste! In addition to classic varieties such as curry, Hamburger, French fries, BBQ, garlic, soya or cocktail sauce, we also produce specialities such as typical Spanish, African and Asian sauces.

We also offer a wide range of relishes (e.g. cucumber and jalapeño relish) and dips (e.g. eggplant dip and hummus). According to the changing eating habits, we can also produce our sauces low in fat or in organic quality and also offer vegan and gluten-free sauces. We can also produce all varieties without flavour enhancers and without the addition of preservatives.


The packaging options illustrated below are only a small selection of our possibilities! All types of packaging shown are available in different volumes, shapes and colours etc. For example, we also offer rPET bottles. Just ask us.


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